Accounting services

The main type of services providing by Mex Acme LLC are accounting services. Depending on routines of client
companies we provide our services either through our representatives in their offices or from our office via digital

Our strategy is: there is no not important or less valuable requirement of law. We pay attention on every single point
of it.
The core values of our company are analytical thinking, honesty, integrity and high professionalism.
Our company co-operates with high-qualified professional auditors and lawyers teams for the special non-standard
cases when special decision needed.

Business consulting services to potential investors
For beginner businessmen we explain the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of ownerships in order to
orient and choose the relevant form of ownership (e.g. private entrepreneurship, limited liability company, closed
joint stock company etc.) for their future business registration

We explain the Armenian tax code and help to choose the correct tax field for the start of the business, to forecast and
mitigate potential risks.

Consulting services to existing accountants
As a qualified accountants by ACCA and by the ministry of finance RA we help existing accountants of companies to
check the documents of the fiscal year and accounting records, discover and correct mistakes and prepare yearly
financial statements and tax reports.

For importers from EAEU

We prepare all kind of necessary reports to all relevant bodies for goods imported from EAEU countries.
Tax and accounting audit

We provide services of checking previous reporting periods and discovering tax risks and mistakes and suggest
possible solutions in order to mitigate risks during the tax audit or for the purpose to provide information about
potential tax risks to potential investors.

Payroll services and Human Resource documents workflow

We provide payroll services according to all requirements of Labor code to companies with large number of
employees. That is: calculation of bonuses, night shifts, overtimes, insurance, business trip and other types of
compensations, seek and maternity leaves.

For SMEs it is very important to have high quality human resource documentation also, but the separate position for
performing these responsibilities is not financially viable for them. We provide both payroll services and services of
preparation of HR related documents such as labor contracts, orders, and notifications to such kind of companies.
Accounting practice for non-experienced people

We provide opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge in work process and understand the real-life examples to
people who do not have work experience and wish to gain it.